Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For Jada

I love hands.
My Grandma Clemence had awesome hands. When I think about how they looked, it brings a smile to my face and a calm thought to my mind.
Her hands weren't especially beautiful, but to me they were perfect. Tanned from too much sun, a bit of dirt under her fingernails, a scar from an unattended injury... but soft enough to lightly brush a touch of love across my cheek.
I don't think her hands were ever idle.
One of her favorite things to do (besides fishing) was playing Yahtzee. A favorite photo of her was taken across the Yahtzee table from me. With her elbows resting on the table, her hands are folded up near her chin. I love this photo.
As I cook, garden, type, sew, or touch the faces of my grandchildren, I like to think one day they might look back and think about my hands the same as I do about Grandma's hands.
Recently, as I sewed a dress for my granddaughter, I decided to take a picture for her....of my hand at the machine.

 I hope it brings a smile to her face and a calm thought to her mind.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hands of Time

Old or new, our hands show the measure of time.
Grandma holding her first grandchild's hand.

Sweet Shot Day
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Grandma

Her job as daughter, sister, mom, aunt, grandma, gr-grandma,, friend, finished.

My beautiful,wonderful, loving grandma passed away Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at the age of 99 1/2 years old.

Grandma has always been the person I hoped to be like. I don't think I've achieved that, but I'm still working on it. She was happy, calm and had a very positive attitude toward life. 

I already miss her and wish I could have said goodbye, but I'm so happy she's up there dancing, again, with Grandpa. She's been waiting to do that for 30 years.

Rest in Peace, Grandma. I'm a lucky lucky girl to have had you as my grandma and I will miss you terribly.
You were a wonderful, wonderful person on this earth and you'll be a beautiful addition to Heaven.