Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No, I don't want a damn kitten!

Do you really think every time you bring an "oh so cute" little kitten in to work and show my husband, he'll be able to talk me in to taking it? 
NO... been there, done that.
He even described the little black kitten to me. "It's a manx"  "When it meows, it sounds like a donkey"
I know if I just said the word, he'd take it home. Sorry... not gonna say the word.

I'm so past falling for these adorable little creatures that grow up to be annoying, flea-carrying, flowerbed- destroying, walking-all-over-the-hood-of-my-brand-new-car, CATS.
Just this morning I had to spray off the car because of the neighborhood cats who decided to have a middle of the night party on the hood of my car.
Lovely, just lovely.
I'm scared to dig in certain areas of our flowerbed because of something I'll find that I know for a fact, I didn't plant there.

So, no, I don't want a damn kitten... I even told my husband to tell his co-worker those exact words. She laughed. 
But good try, good try.

And no, the grandkids don't need one, either.