Saturday, October 9, 2010

I've Earned it

I have earned many things in my life.
Wages, friends, enemies, points, etc... the usual in most of our lives. 

I have also earned many other things. 
Recently, while visiting with my life-long friend, Cindy, we cried, laughed, frowned, hugged and smiled together while discussing all the things we've been through in our lives. 
Having been friends since 2nd grade, she and I have witnessed the comings and goings in each others' lives. YES, since we were 7 years old ! 

We decided many of the things we now do, at our mature age, have been "earned".
...I am no longer going to dye my hair. I earned this right, just as I earned each and every one of these grey hairs I have decided I will not cover up. They are my badges. 
...We both wear capri pants. No, maybe they're not the most fashionable-looking on us, being alittle overweight and over 50 years in age. We earned this, ... many years prior trying to look our best and keep up with what we thought we were supposed to keep up with. Phew... that made me tired just writing it.
...I cry at the drop of a hat. Or while singing "Happy Birthday". Or while the American Flag passes by at a parade. Or while looking at pictures. Or reminiscing with an old friend. 
Sad, happy, melancholy, wishing, relief, etc, you name it, I cry. Not always, not everytime, but I could if I allowed myself. I earned this, too. So many years of being tough. I'm not a stoic person. I like to show my emotions. Most people who know me know that about me.
...I've learned to let things go.... YES, I said it... Let things go. For most of my life, I had to prove a point, hold a person accountable, make sure someone knew when someone else hurt a person, make things fair all around. I've earned being able to let things go. My stress level told me so. LOL. 

There are many things I've earned. I think mostly we earn these things by giving ourselves a break and realizing some of the things we worry about, aren't worth it. 
If it doesn't directly affect what we're doing at the time, get over it. Let it go.

So,  look around. What have you earned? 
Find it, recognize it and embrace it. 
You've earned it.