Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holding On

Today, I spent a few hours with my middle grandchild, Gavin.
I took note of some things about him.
He still reaches up to hold my hand and as he does, I hold his a little tighter.
He still sits next to me and fiddles with my hair, just as he has since he was a baby.
He still gets a snuggle in now and then and asks to come visit again.
He still gives me hugs and when he does, I hold him a little bit longer.
He's still seven years old, but soon will be eight.
I know one day some of these things will come to an end... 
"It's just not cool when you get older, Grandma, like when you're 9 or 10. But, I will still love you".
I'll hold on to that.... 
In my Heart....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wedding season coming up

Wedding season is approaching and I'm helping with three !!
This arbor is one I made for my st-daughter's wedding 4 years ago, and we've used it in two weddings since.
It's a simple bamboo pole arbor with flowing white fabric. Then decorated with flowers of choice.
It was fun to make and fun to use.