Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today I asked God for something I've never asked Him for. 
A Pastor friend told us we are supposed to be specific when we ask for something. 
It feels a bit "wrong" to ask.
Today I was specific. 

Today I received an email from my estranged brother which read: " I don't know why but something just told me to let you know that I love you....Take care..."
It makes me wonder if something is going to happen to me, a family member, or friend. 
Today I won't worry, but I'll sure wonder.

Today I tried to explain to a friend to not feel guilty about things beyond her control.
I've lived a life filled with guilty feelings for my beliefs and decisions.
Feeling guilty doesn't change anything, it just creates stress for yourself and those around you.
Today I'm learning to accept my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Today I'll call my sister. 
She's called and left several messages and I've just not gotten back to her.
I don't want to ever feel the loneliness I felt when she wasn't in my life.
Today I'll call my sister.

Today a friend is saying goodbye to his wife. 
She will pass soon after a sudden health issue.
He is on my mind and heart.
Today I'll pray for his peace.

Today I'll make it a good day.
I'll not take things for granted.
I'll tell others what they mean to me.
Today I'll try to better someone's day.

Today I'll Thank God for things He has given me...
and I didn't even have to ask.