Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brooch Bouquet

    I've admired Brooch Bouquets for awhile and was excited and honored when Bride, Ashley, asked me to make hers.
    She collected many brooches, pendants and earrings from family and friends and she purchased a few. I purchased a few for her, as well. We ended up with approximately 70 total in her bouquet which weighed close to 3 pounds !   
     Ashley had a couple of special
touches in her bouquet. A small photo of her deceased mom and a ring that had also belonged to her.
    We added the initials of Ashley and her groom, Jered, as 
well as all of the items given to her from everyone.
    I waited until the day of her wedding to present it to her. It turned out exactly as she wanted.

                                                                    Photo by 3 Winks Photography