Thursday, September 16, 2010

Re-Do's of my 3 year old daughter

Her little tiny 3 year old  fingers look like her momma's. 
When she reaches to pick that little flower, I can't help but remember watching her mom doing the same thing.
Sissy-like, don't get dirt on my hands-like, eww there's a bug-like, reaching with just her thumb and forefinger to avoid any of those undesirable additions to picking just the right little daisy weed.

The shape of her thumb, the little hang-nail she obsesses about, the leftover pink of the immediately peeled fingernail polish and, Heaven forbid, just a touch of dirt under the nail.
Her momma in Re-Do. 

Re-Do's... we ask for them often when we mess up, or we just want to re-live an "oh so joyful" memory.

I'm enjoying the Re-Do's of my daughter as a 3 year old. 
Her daughter is a "mini-me" of her momma. But, not so much at first glance. 
Her momma has beautiful, slick-straight, thick black hair. Dark features and big brown eyes that melt you when you look in them. She has a easily-given, friendly smile.
She, on the other hand, is fair skinned, has striking, vibrant blue eyes, and thin, wavy, alittle messy blond hair. She shares her smile only when she feels like it. You have to earn it.

But it's the little not-so-obvious things she and her momma share. The little things most wouldn't notice. 
An expression, the shape of her hands, those crooked little toes (like her brother and I, also have). 

The bit of obsessiveness... her mom had to have everything lined up and in its' place. She does the same thing when she's playing. All the cars in a line... perfect line. Tupperware lined up end to end from room to room, all the little ponys in their places. I love it.
One little spill? Oh My! It must be cleaned up immediately or it bothers her until it is. 
Sticky fingers, a drip on her shirt, a crumb on the table next to her plate, a bug, a hair, a speck of dust... she'll let you know it's bothering her. Fix it, clean it, get it out of here.
I learned to not even notice this with her momma. Rolled my eyes at most of it. Just the everyday stuff when raising a 3 year old. Figuring she'd grow out of it one day.
I embrace it all with this little one. Funny how our eyes open when the next generation comes along.

Re-Do's... chances to capture those moments and memories again, but only if our eyes and minds and hearts are open and ready to do so. 
Mine are.